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Come along with us on a journey to Dive into Diversity.
Here is what we will be covering in the first quarter.

Come along with us on a journey to
Dive into Diversity.

Here is what we will be covering in the first quarter.

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History of Diversity

We are going to explore diversity and learn a little more about it. There is a lot to learn about all of the different people that make up the United States and the world. We are also going to see how we can take the time to not only learn about people who are different from us, but also how to accept them into our world for who they are.


Black History Month

We have heard a lot about diversity and how it has affected people of color in our country. Black History Month was started in the United States in 1970 to bring awareness to the amazing contributions that Black Americans have provided to our country. We will be highlighting some of those accomplishments to help us learn a little more about diversity.


Women History Month

Along with Black Americans, women have also been on the other side of equality. In history, we have seen women fight for equal rights when it comes to voting, pay for jobs, to be able to climb corporate ladders, and to be heard. In this month, we will be talking about women and women of color who have fought to break some of these barriers to create not only awareness but also an acceptance of diversity.

The Respect Diversity Foundation

The Respect Diversity Foundation is located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Its mission is to Promote understanding, respect, and acceptance across differences through communication, education, and the arts. They do this by helping learners of all ages understand and appreciate other cultures and their own, create positive inter-group relationships, and build strong communities throughout the state of Oklahoma, the U.S., and the world.

Research shows us that engaging creative experiences reinforce and deepen this empathetic learning. Programming through The Respect Diversity Foundation brings those creative experiences to life. Follow this link to their website and learn about COLORS Of DIVERSITY, the outcome of thousands of students’ participation in the Respect Diversity Symbol Campaign.

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