Kevin Alan Milne writes about giving back

This week our featured author is Kevin Alan Milne who is the author of a great holiday book about giving back, called The Paper Bag Christmas.

As we continue to talk about bullying this quarter, this month we explore what could be seen as the opposite of bullying, good will towards others. It runs along the theme of being kind and giving back to others, not just in need, but to others in general. Milne writes about two brothers who see how the Christmas Spirit is more than being about the gifts that you receive at Christmas time.

Who is Kevin Alan Milne?

Kevin Alan Milne was born in Portland, Oregon and now resides in California with his family. He studied many different things in college, but wound up with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Then went on to pursue a Masters in Business degree.

According to Wikipedia, he then tried his hand at writing and currently has written six inspirational novels, with The Paper Bag Christmas being his first. This book was converted into a stage play and was performed with the proceeds to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help fight childhood cancer.

The Paper Bag Christmas cover

What is The Paper Bag Christmas About?

Molar and Aaron Alan create their Christmas lists to share with Santa at the mall. Little do they know that this Santa isn’t like the typical Santa. His name is Dr. Chris Ringle and he has a different idea about what the boys will receive for Christmas, and it isn’t on their lists. Dr. Ringle is a pediatric oncologist who enlists the brothers to help him bring joy to the children’s ward at the local hospital.

How does this book talk about good will towards others?

The Paper Bag Christmas flips the idea of receiving an item on your list to doing something for someone else. Through the actions of Molar and Aaron, they find out what the true spirit of the holidays is.

Each chapter has a quote about Christmas to start it. Each one has it’s own meaning, but this one struck me,

Until one feels the spirit of Christmas,

There is no Christmas.

All else is outward display-

so much tinsel and decorations.

-Author unknown

The spirit of good will towards others can get lost in all of the lights and tinsel. The magic of receiving a special gift should always be a part of the season. But the gift may be in the form of a feeling and not an actual item. It is important to give to others and be gracious in receiving from them. But more important, is spending time with those we care about and make memories for us and them.

The Paper Bag Christmas touches on those ideas that are important for the holiday season. And helps us to switch our focus from what we can get to what we can give to others. It is a great read for you and your teen.

To find out more about Kevin Alan Milne

To find out more about Kevin Alan Milne and the inspirational books he has written, check out his website at Kevin Alan Milne

You can find his through his website, Amazon, or through, where you purchase online to support local bookstores.

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Have a good week!

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