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Good Morning and Happy Monday! Welcome to Sharon’s Monthly News.

One of my goals is to bring my two brands, Selma P. Verde, Author of Young Adult Fiction and Mentoring A Dream (MAD), Helping the adults reach the teens in their lives together and become a cohesive unit. Why? I believe that both brands provide tools for parents and caring adults to understand the issues teens are facing and then create a safe place to talk to their teens about those issues. As we move through 2024, you will see the brands working together more.

Shawn’s Way’s celebrates 3 years!

Three years ago this week, Shawn’s Way was published. It is book two of The Way Series. Did you know that Shawn’s Way wasn’t the original title of this book? It was actually going to be The Bully’s Way. Why was it changed?

Part of a book club list?

Back in 2020 before the book was even published, I was talking about the writing journey online, the PACER organization reached out to me and asked if I might be interested in having the book be a part of a book club list that they have on their website. I said I would definitely be interested. So, we set up a meeting to talk about what they would be looking for to list the book on their site.

My contact wanted to read the manuscript to figure out whether it was a story that matched up with their mission. (Kind of like a traditional editor would read to decide whether they wanted to publish your book). So, I gave her a copy of my manuscript to take a look. One of the first things she said to me was about the title.

The word bully as a label

Calling a person a bully is labeling and their organization tries to not label the person, but focus on the behavior. I did some research online and saw that it was common to see the verbiage “the one who bullies” rather than “the bully”. So, I made that change in my manuscript. I thought about the title an figured that may need to be updated too. I decided to call it Shawn’s Way to stay away from the bullying label. Also, Shawn’s Way makes the story more personal. It was his way to navigate the challenge of being the target on one who bullies.

My Writing Process

The writing process is always a journey with its own twists and turns. When you are an indie author and publisher, the process is more affected by things that happen in your own everyday life. After getting The Street’s Way published and released last month, I am taking some time to get some processes in order before I continue writing and editing the final book the The Way Series.

Monthly News - From the Writing Desk Image

As I am working on my to do list and summer planning, I found a great quote that talks about getting frustrated when you feel stuck in pursuing your dream.

“The truth is, we can’t always be moving forward. Life has rest stops, delays and even detours. But, as long as you keep your goals and dreams at the forefront of your mind you are in fact moving forward. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.” – Emily Florence

I printed and taped a copy of this quote into my journal. The writing journey is a process with twists and turns. Enjoy the ride to the goal, as that is a big part of the journey.

MAD and Selma Brand updates

So, for our monthly news posts, I will provide you with some updates on each brand and some thoughts that I have about the monthly theme we are presenting on Mentoring A Dream. MAD is the abbreviation that I use for Mentoring A Dream.

Monthly News for Mentoring A Dream

Mentoring A Dream Logo

Continuing the theme this quarter of Selma’s Books, June will focus on the the publishing anniversary of Shawn’s Way and the challenge it focuses on, bullying. To continue with the quarterly theme of Selma’s books, here are the blog topics for the rest of the month

  • 6/10/2024 – Am I a bully? – Being aware of how might be a bully
  • 6/17/2024 – Other books about bullying and their messages
  • 6/24/2024 – The one who bullies – focusing on that side of the story

Are you looking for any resources to gain a better understanding of the challenges your teen is facing? Be sure to check out the resources page on the MAD website.

Monthly News for Selma P. Verde

Selma P. Verde Logo

This month, Selma is celebrating

The third publishing anniversary of Shawn’s Way
Shawn's Way book image and bullying

To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a special price on the ebook version of Shawn’s Way this week! From June 5th through June 8th, you can get a copy of the ebook for just $.99. This is a great way to get a copy of this book for either you or your teen. Did you know they can read books on their smartphones? Just have them download the Kindle app and they can download this book as well.

And, for a little more monthly news…

And, I will be releasing another part of The Way Series this month. The short story, Josh’s Story, which was only available for joining my email list will now be available later this month as an ebook and a printed version. Keep an eye on the blog and social media for more information.

Novels focusing on teen challenges – The Way Series

Are you looking for a couple of coming-of-age reads for you or your teen about challenges they face? One great series which fits the bill in The Way Series. It is the series I have written under my pen name, Selma P. Verde.

The Way Series

Book #1The Hard Way – is the story of Paul Jones and his starting his freshman year of high school and how he must navigate dealing with pressure from his peers to do things to fit in.

Book #2Shawn’s Way – although it is a continuation of Paul’s journey from The Hard Way, we meet freshman, Shawn Townson. He becomes the target of a bully when an upperclassman decides to take out his frustration on him.

Book #3The Street’s Way – is a continuation of The Way Series story which introduces Mikala Kalani as a runaway and homeless teen. She comes to Manor City looking to escape from her abusive stepdad. She arrives with no place to go and must find a way to navigate being homeless in a new city.

So, click on link below to my books page to learn more about the series!

Selma’s Books

Have a good week!

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