The Recovery Village helps with Addiction Recovery

Looking for a resource on addiction? Check out The Recovery Village.

This month we have been talking about teen addiction. There are many rehabilitation facilities out there, but this week we will feature The Recovery Village.

What is The Recovery Village?

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The Recovery Village is a drug and alcohol rehab that offers patients a full continuum of care from detox to residential services to outpatient programs. They have many locations throughout the country.

According to their website, each year, drug rehab facilities provide millions of people the opportunity to lead healthier lives through addiction treatment. Deciding to go to rehab is rarely easy, but it’s a significant turning point in beginning the process of long-term recovery. After accepting the need for treatment, the next step is to commit to the decision by choosing a rehab facility.

So, choosing a place start your recovery is very important. There are resources to help you do that. And like what we talked about this month, you can help your teen in seeking help, but they have to do the work to recover.

Not only a rehabilitation center…

The Recovery Village also offers some great articles to help our teens in the challenges that they face. In an article on their website called, Bullying and Substance Abuse Are More Connected Than You Think, they define bullying as

“Any unwanted aggressive by another youth or group of youths involving an overserved or perceived power imbalance and is repeated multiple times or is highly likely to be repeated.”

This is what happens to Shawn in my book Shawn’s Way. Shawn is a target of one who bullies and Josh harasses him to deal with his anger. These teens are six times more likely than their peers to be diagnosed with a serious illness, smoke regularly, or develop mental health issues. These teens are also more susceptible to developing anxiety and depression. Combined with low self-esteem, it can lead to experimenting with drugs and alcohol as a way to deal with the mental health issue created by being a target.

It isn’t just the target that may be more apt to gravitate towards drugs and alcohol, but the one who bullies may also have a tendency to be smoking or using drugs and alcohol to deal with their own issues. Without receiving professional help for the issues that they are facing, this could turn into substance abuse.

Many of the challenges that teens face can be combined or related to each other. Like peer pressure can lead to anxiety and mental health issues, bullying can be created by an addiction or can create an addiction.

What can we do to help?

If you are wondering what you can do to help, you can always take a little time to learn more about teens and addiction. The Recovery Village has a teen addiction resource portal through their resources page that offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about drugs, alcohol and adolescents. The Recovery Village – Resources

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a national addiction help line. Here is a link to their website SAMHSA National Helpline for more information about this resource. If you are currently in crisis and need help immediately, call or text 988. This would be great information to keep in your phone in case you need it.

Learn more about The Recovery Village

Here’s a link to The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab website – The Recovery Village

Looking for additional resources for addiction or other challenges your teen may be facing? Be sure to check out the Mentoring A Dream Resources page

Novels focusing on teen challenges – The Way Series

Are you looking for a couple of coming-of-age reads for you or your teen about challenges they face? One great series which fits the bill in The Way Series. It is the series I have written under my pen name, Selma P. Verde.

The Way Series

Book #1The Hard Way – is the story of Paul Jones and his starting his freshman year of high school and how he must navigate dealing with pressure from his peers to do things to fit in.

Book #2Shawn’s Way – although it is a continuation of Paul’s journey from The Hard Way, we meet freshman, Shawn Townson. He becomes the target of a bully when an upperclassman decides to take out his frustration on him.

Book #3The Street’s Way – is a continuation of The Way Series which introduces Mikala Kalani to the storyline as a runaway and homeless teen. Coming your way in 2024.

So, click on link below to my books page to learn more about the series! And, pick up your copies before the release of The Street’s Way.

Selma’s Books

Have a good week!

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