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Let’s become more aware of Mental Health.
Here is what we will be covering in the second quarter.

Facing Homelessness.
Here is what we will be covering in the first quarter.

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The Hard Way
& Peer Pressure

The Hard Way is celebrating 7 years in publication on April 12th. Find out more about peer pressure by reading the book The Hard Way by Selma P. Verde. Free ebook give away for the first two books of the series April 12-15. Visit Selma’s site here to join!


The Street’s Way
& Teen Homelessness

May 9th is the release date for the 3rd book in The Way Series, The Street’s Way. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more about this book and how mental health awareness is addressed in The Way Series.


Shawn’s Way and Josh’s Story
& Bullying

Shawn’s Way will be celebrating 3 years in publication and Josh’s Story will be celebrating the completion of its first. Find out more about bullying by reading Shawn’s Way and Josh’s Story by Selma P. Verde.

The Respect Diversity Foundation

Research shows us that engaging creative experiences reinforce and deepen this empathetic learning. Programming through The Respect Diversity Foundation brings those creative experiences to life. Follow this link to their website and learn about COLORS Of DIVERSITY, the outcome of thousands of students’ participation in the Respect Diversity Symbol Campaign.

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