What does it mean to give back to others?

What does it mean to give back to others?

Giving back to others - Food pantry
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This month’s theme is Good Will Towards Others. With it being the holiday season, there is a lot of talk about doing things for others and not expecting things for ourselves. We need to coach our teens that this is not just about buying someone else a gift and giving it to them. It is about truly doing things for others. Giving back means stepping up and making a positive impact in our community and beyond. You and your teen can do that by

  • Volunteering at a local toy and tree giveaway event
  • Donating your time and resources to a food shelf or helping serve a hot meal to those in need
  • Getting involved in community projects like a bake sale with proceeds going to a local charity

Giving back is more than charity

Giving back is driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of others. It’s more than just charity—it’s about lending a hand, sharing resources, and supporting others in various ways.

Many people feel like you are giving them charity when you give them money or things. Giving back could be giving your time and knowledge about helping them finish a project. Or helping out with their kids while they go to run errands.

In most cases, giving back doesn’t involve us giving money. It is a free thing for us to do for someone else.

It isn’t just a holiday thing

Good will towards others is something we focus on during the holidays, but it isn’t just a thing we do during the holiday season. It is a thing we can do all year round.

  • We can volunteer at events all year long to help others
  • Providing a hot meal happens at homeless shelters all year round
  • Communities have events that help others and all you have to do is show up and help

So, what are you doing to give back to others? Ask your teen what are they doing?

How does this relate to bullying?

Since bullying is our fourth quarter theme, I thought about what the opposite of bullying would be. And I came up with doing something for others. So, when you see someone being picked on or being bullied, think about ways that you could help that person out instead. If they are being picked on for how they are dressed, offer to go with them to a thrift store or the mall and pick out something more appropriate. If the reason they can’t dress better is that they can’t afford to, find out a place they could go to get clothing for free.

You may see a neighbor who needs help mowing their lawn or raking leaves. What a great opportunity for you and or your teen to give back.

There are many ways we can give back to others and show good will instead of being mean. What could you do to give back to others? Let me know in the comments below.

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